Smarter production leads to better parts


Optimised printed internals ensure the lowest mass possible. Typically weight reductions of 20 to 50% are achieved.


Because we print the internal structure, we can include a whole range of features that otherwise would have to be assembled. Think electronics, sensors, trace heating, etc.

Cost Effective

Less moulding, milling and assembly steps means less costs. This is true for a single item and series up to 10,000 parts.

Better parts result in more effective products

  • Marine

    Lighter carbon parts result in a better sailing experience

  • Mobility

    Lighter carbon parts result in higher performance vehicles

  • Mobility

    Integrated structures when space is limited

  • Marine

    Customised parts to realise the perfect experience

  • Mobility

    Cost effective parts for small and medium series production vehicles

  • Mobility

    Integrated functions, like sensors, radar and electronics enable new applications

Benefits of printing

We have developed, modified and combined various innovative processes to create our FRP3D technology to take the next step in 3D printed carbon fiber parts. With this technique we are able to provide better solutions for our customers. Whenever challenges exist around geometry, mass and strength, we help to achieve the best possible product!

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  • Optimisation of internal structures

    Using computer algorithms allows us to optimise a part for the loads it will see. With this method, we have the ability to create core densities between 0 and 1100 kg/m3. This results in lower mass parts.

  • Lead time

    We don’t need to wait for lengthy production of moulds and tooling and can start production straight away, cutting down significantly on lead time.

  • Cost of assembly

    Integrating all kinds of functionalities directly into the print allows for much faster assembly. Faster assembly means less costs.

  • Mechanical properties

    Because we use a two-step process, the mechanical properties of our composites are identical to composites produced in normal “high-tech” processes, like RTM, Pre-preg and Vacuum Infusion.

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