Customised Composites

We are a producer of 3D printed fibre reinforced composite parts, passionate about materials and new technologies. We help our customers create beautiful, strong and lightweight products in almost any shape.

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Our 3D printed solutions

Custom parts

Medium to large printed non-reinforced products. Typically used for visual prototypes and gadgets.

Moulds and tooling

Used for a variety of polymer processing techniques. Fast turn-around, complex geometries and cost-effective.

Sandwich cores

Revolutionary lattice cores to improve product efficiency, higher system integration and final part cost reduction.

Composite products

Fully functional carbon or glass fibre reinforced parts produced in almost any shape or form.


These examples show how our products provide unique solutions for our customers.

  • Freedom in geometry and size

    Our layer-wise production allows for a greater freedom of shapes.

  • Structural products

    Products are intended for use in structural applications, not just prototypes.

  • Fast turn-around times

    We don’t need a mould to produce, hence production of the final part can start immediately.

  • Cost effective & durable

    We save materials and reduce production costs.

Our Technology

The world of 3D printing has seen enormous developments in the past decade. The range of applications for 3D printing is greatly expanded as the quality and size of printed products continue to increase.

We have developed, modified and combined various innovative processes to create our FRP3D technology to take the next step in 3D printed composites. With this technique we are able to provide better solutions for our customers. Whenever challenges exist around geometry, mass and strength, we help to achieve the best possible product!

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We supply other business across the world in a number of industries. To be able to best serve our customers we have specialist engineers for various specific markets.

  • Mobility & Transport
  • Bio-Tech
  • Marine
  • Industry & Energy

About Us


Fiberneering is located in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Our production and engineering offices are combined at the Polymer Science Park in Zwolle.


Within our team, we all have different backgrounds, but we share a passion for technology. We developed the FRP3D process from scratch, meaning that we understand and fully control each aspect of the process. We can talk about solutions straightaway!



Expanding team

Fiberneering is growing and our team is expanding. Niels has joined to manage our sales activities, Florin will be involved in developing highly detailed models for optimised structures using our technology and finally Caroline will make sure all invoicing and administrative matters are sorted perfectly. Welcome all!

New Website

We have made a new website, to better reflect the full range of products and services we provide to our customers. We will be adding and amending information over the coming weeks. If you have any feedback on the website please drop us a note!

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Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding our process and potential products. You can either contact us directly or through the contact form on the right.

You can also add drawings or 3D models to your enquiry if you would like us to supply you with a quote.

  • Ceintuurbaan 15, 8022AW, Zwolle
  • +31 (0) 6 46 43 24 28
  • info@fiberneering.com

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