Our Story

Although we’re still a young company, we have already build quite some track record. On this page we’d like to introduce our roots, the team and our vision for the future.

The start

We started by filing a patent in 2015 on using additive manufacturing for composites production. The patent describes how a printed part is co-cured with a composite to form an integral structure. Obviously this required a tremendous amount of research and experiments to get it working right.

Most important for us was to set-up the company to be able to produce large parts using our technology; there is no real benefit in building only small or very fragile parts. No, we wanted to produce real life composite parts, meaning high strength and large dimensions.

This meant we had to develop a printer that could work with large dimensions and materials that fit the requirements of the composite market, both from a property as well as cost perspective.

First prototype

Our first prototype printer already had significant printing volume, but was hacked together to show the principle and idea. This worked very well and it learned us a lot about the requirements of a full size machine.

Further optimisation

The first printer with a build volume of 0.5 x 0.5 x 1m was constructed and further optimised in the year after. After a lot of small modifications in both hardware and software we now have a machine with very level control below 10 mu and scaleable layout.

Next to the machine also the resin system has seen continuous development and in the coming months we will announce our new resin systems to even better suit some of our customer’s applications. Having resin development capability in house also allows us to optimize our products to a specific application.

Our Team

Our team currently consists of 15 professionals, about half of them having an engineering degree in mechanical, aerospace or maritime fields. This set-up allows us to work with a client from conception of a product up to the delivery of the final part in a series.

Founder & CEO

Jasper Bouwmeester is the founder and currently CEO of the company. He has a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the TUDelft and an MBA from Curtin University. After completing his studies he worked for large multinationals like DSM and Technip, and also for a startup in Australia called ICC. He started Fiberneering because he saw the possibility to produce composites more effectively by smart use of 3D printing.

Contact Jasper directly through email or by phone: +31646432428.


Niels van Oostenbrugge heads up our sales. Having a long track record in the marine industry, combined with his product design background makes him the perfect sparring partner for new projects and solutions. Niels joined Fiberneering in 2018 because he saw the market need for smarter solutions in composites.

Contact Niels directly through email or by phone: +31619951966.

Our partners

Building and growing a company from scratch is not easy and we didn’t do it alone. We have worked with various parties and partners in development of the technology. Knowledge institutes like Windesheim University, TUDelft, UTwente and Polymer Science Park to name a few.


As our printer and the materials that go with it are very high tech applications, we obviously rely on a number of world leading suppliers for their know-how and guidance. We use Ansys for the development of compensation models and optimisation of our core layout.


All developments cost tremendous amounts of money. We are lucky to have received support from the Regio Zwolle Incubator Fund at the start of our business, which allowed us to complete a first prototype. After that we have taken on board investors, OostNL in combination with a consortium of very seasoned individuals. This has secured us the financial needs to develop this world leading technology.


But most important are our customers that allowed us to work with them to create amazing new applications! Although we cannot disclose all customers (yet) we are very proud to work with companies like KLM, Donkervoort, Feadship and Huisman on extremely interesting applications.

Where do we go

We believe the future of composites manufacturing is in automated manufacturing. Our 3D printing process is a key enabler for this vision on the future. We are on route to be able to produce carbon fibre composites of the highest quality, directly out of the computer.

To get there we have set ourselves some intermediate goals. As you can see on the roadmap, we are setting ourselves up for even larger and more heavily loaded composite parts. The largest part we made today measures 3.5 x 5m already!

We are looking forward to work with you on this interesting journey!

Jasper BouwmeesterBuilding composites in new ways