Industries we supply

We produce carbon fibre parts to marine, mobility and human tech industries.


Performance is key in in many applications within the maritime market. Composites do not corrode and provide a lightweight alternative to traditional metal construction.

As space at sea is always limited, there is a huge driver to integrate functionalities inside the structural parts of the vessel. Our printing technique makes this possible.


The photo shows a set of bimini poles that have been produced with an internal printed core. This limited the required tooling, hence reducing cost and made it possible to easily integrate all cables and inserts inside the core. The poles are finished in a high-gloss transparant coating, showing the perfect carbon fiber finish.


Reducing the mass of a vehicle will improve its efficiency and performance, this is known to most people. Composites have been used for this purpose for years.


The photo shows a cross section of a spoiler demo. In this demo the printed core can be easily seen. This allows integration of various functionalities like sensors, electronics, actuators and even trace heating.

With our printing technology we can produce these spoilers cost effectively even in larger series of up to 10,000 parts.

Human Tech

Every human is unique, also in their body geometry. There are many applications where parts need to fit their owner perfectly. This holds true for prosthetics, but also for some high end sporting goods. With our technology we can use personalised 3D scan data to create custom carbon fibre parts. As this is a highly automated process, the resulting parts can be very cost-effective.


The photo shows an exoskeleton developed and produced for Intespring. Printing the core for these parts resulted in very lightweight, strong and rigid parts. This in turn allows the soldier to carry a weight of 60 kg without noticing it.

Jasper BouwmeesterCarbon fibre parts for marine, automotive and human tech