Composite products

Using our FRP3D technology we produce composite parts. These parts use carbon, glass or any other type of reinforcement in most common resin types. Because we use standard materials, the properties we obtain are as high as “traditional” composites and we can fully engineer the products to suit the application. The benefits of using 3D technology are that we can produce more complex shapes, fully optimesed in a very cost effective way.

Light electric vehicle car body. This car produced by FastConcepts will be used in cities where cars are causing too much pollution and bikes cannot provide sufficient carriage.

Exo skeleton parts. Interspring produces these skeletons for people in jobs that have to carry heavy weights (e.g. military). The exoskeleton reduces the effective weight of a 60kg backpack to 0kg!

Flying car rotor cover. This concept car was shown on the car show in Geneva and is an answer in ever increasing mobility challenges.

Please contact us, if you are looking for a smart and effective way to produce your next composite part!

Jasper BouwmeesterComposite products