Product development services

We develop industrial, structural and effective composite products and structures.

Too often people try to use composites as a direct substitute to metals, however, this generally won’t work. Composites are orthotropic materials, resulting in non-homogeneous behaviour. This creates advantages and limitations at the same time; it is something to take into account for sure.

When designing a composite structure we always look at the design, materials and production method together to ensure the most efficient design.

Our process

Requirement definition

Getting a clear definition of functional and technical requirements is key for a succesful product.

Generally we start with an interview or brainstorm session with our customer to get a full overview of all requirements.

Design and engineering

Based on the requirements we will start screening possible materials, production methods and start with some basic engineering. We will involve our customer on regular intervals to ensure the direction is fully in line with expectations.

We generally start with basic design and engineering, involving simple calculations and assumptions. In subsequent stages we use 3D computer modelling techniques and finite element analysis (FEA) to assure product performance.

Prototyping and testing

Especially when new material combinations or non-standard designs are involved, a certain amount of validation is required. Sometimes this can be done using coupon tests (modulus, strength, impact, temperature depence) and sometimes a prototype has to be made to achieve the required level of confidence.

Scale-up assistance

A key part of product design is selection of the best partner that can produce the parts. Fiberneering has a large international network of suppliers in the composites industires and can therefore suggest and select the most appropriate parties, based on quality, volume and cost considerations.


Documentation generally includes an engineering report, 3d model and 2d production drawings. Depending on the expectations of our customer this can be more or less detailed, however, the goal is always to ensure the product is fully documented and a third party is able to create the expected and intended product from the documentation; directly after the project as well as 5 years in the future.

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