3D pinted polyurethane casting moulds

Fiberneering produces high quality moulds for polyurethane casting. The printing resin used has properties that make it very suitable for production of up to 250 items out of a single mould.

We produce moulds using our additive manufacturing process. The 3D model is optimised and loaded in the printer. Because we use a high-end thermoset material, we create moulds with high strength and temperature resistance. Due to the UV curing process good level of detail is achieved.

Our moulds are typically used for 1 to 500 castings. Importantly, standard release agents and operating practices can be used.

Current state-of-art is to mill moulds from materials like aluminium or high performance plastics. This milling process results in high amounts of waste and to achieve complex shapes, therefore this process is very costly. Using 3D printing results in all processed materials ending up in the mould, hence making material usage very smart.

Our moulds are lightweight; typically less than 25% of the weight of an aluminium mould. For many larger polyurentane castings this means that handling of tooling can be safer, more efficient and faster.

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Jasper Bouwmeester3D printed polyurethane casting mould