Truly Impressive Models


Real dimensions to make an impression


Proper accuracy to include cool features

Cost Effective

Due to innovative processes

Fiberneering’s 3D Printing solution for

Product Development

You only have a few seconds to make an impression on your next prospect, client or investor! So that prototype or scale model has to be extremely effective in conveying your idea.

Being able to print large dimensions with tiny details makes it possible to create the required high quality demonstrators! But the possibiloities don’t stop there, think of integrated functionalities, design inspired by nature and truly new product concepts!


Our 3D printing process is our core. We use this to create amazing models.

It all starts with your vision. We utilize a series of digital tools and crafts to create the ultimate experience for your audience. Read more about our process and the options we provide.


Product development agency

Product designer, Engineer


Prototyping department

Designer, Proto engineer



Product owner, Development manager



Injection moulder, Vacuum forming



Composite Engineer, Trader


Product development department

Design engineer, Mechanical engineer

Projects we are proud of:

Casting molds for Polyurethane

Casting molds for Polyurethane

Kobato is specialized in applying polyurethane coatings and producing custom PU fittings for wear resistant applications . PU is applied in many industrial processes because of it's tough and abrasion resistant properties. Coated steel piping of containers are made...

Casting mold for scale model Raversyde

Casting mold for scale model Raversyde

The county domain Raversyde (Belgium) is a natural park where one can visit some of the best preserved parts of the German line of defense, the ‘Atlantikwall’. In the natural park one can walk and through more than 60 bunkers, observation posts and gun positions. Life...