Stunning Figures & Objects


Life-size to make a huge impression


True expressions are only created with details

Cost effective

Utilising the latest 3D technology saves money

3D Printing by Fiberneering for

The Entertainment Industry

Nowadays it’s hard to stand out. You want to create a WOW moment for your public. With our unique prints you can create exactly this!

The enormous level of detail we can achieve in our products make new entertainment concepts possible. Think of impressive ride entrances or really detailed taxidermy from a 3D scan. Imagine the possiblities!


Our 3D printing process is our core. We use this to create amazing figures and props.

It all starts with your vision. We utilize a series of digital tools and crafts to create the ultimate experience for your audience. Read more about our process and the options we provide.


Theme parks

Attraction designer, Imagineer


Marketing Agencies

Creative director, Marketing manager



Curator, Exhibit designer



Shop owner, Visual merchandiser



Event manager, Marketing coordinator


Brand Agencies

Art director, Brand strategist

Projects we are proud of:

Eye-catcher for Mens en Kinders

Eye-catcher for Mens en Kinders

From the roadside it was hard to see what a brilliant shop is inside. For this unique concept store, two life size figures were created by Fiberneering to show in an instance what the store is about. Now, nobody passes without having a look inside!

LED spaceship for exclusive nightclub

LED spaceship for exclusive nightclub

This night club was looking for an amazing feature to project light and videos. For LedGo we produced the complex shapes on this armature. The resulting spaceship, full with rockets and wings is spectacular!