3D Printing for Visual Marketing

Written by Niels van Oostenbrugge

16th June 2020

Visual Merchandising

Mens en Kinders is a concept store at the beginning of a large shopping street in Zwolle. Their target audience are parents with young children. They offer a variety of clothing and toys and also offer different sports lessons, activities and have a cafe for the same target group. The store is in an industrial building with few characteristic features. Therefore, the owners were looking for a unique eycatcher for the outside of the store. A great example of the possibilities we can create by using 3D printing for visual marketing.

Fiberneering has printed two figures for this customer. Together, these make immediately clear what the store is about. They are unique eye-catchers, with a high degree of detailing and outdoor durability.

Important for the customer

Three things were of great importance to the customer:

  • Uniqueness: it is a store with a unique concept; the decoration of the store should also express this.
  • Level of Detail: one of the figures stands on the sidewalk and is viewed up close. It is important that the detailing of this one is of high quality.
  • Cost: Being a start-up company, the customer did not have a huge budget, so cost was important.

Alternative solutions

Other possibilities to create the desired effect were seriously investigated by the customer.

  • Polyester (glass fiber) figures. This is the most commonly used technique for this kind of figures. For two single products, however, the cost of the moulds was so high that it could not be achieved within the budget. Purchasing existing figures would give such a standard appearance that this too was not chosen.
  • They investigated milling out of foam and finishing with a hard coating. However, the intended details in the model made this impossible.
Printed large figure head

Fiberneering’s printing method and materials used are unique in the industry

The solution provided by Fiberneering

We provided a unique solution through 3D printing for visual marketing. The chosen 3D model was posed in two ways and these were then printed. The models were split in 2 parts and assembled later, due to its dimensions (about 1.1m) and exuberant posture. The figure on the roof is printed around a steel frame, so that even in the case of wind and other loads, the doll can stay put. The other one has a rod through the body to make the assembly of head and torso simple and strong. The print is not further strengthened in this case, to keep it as light as possible.

Unique features:

The figures have unique details that can only be achieved with printing:

  • Overhanging handles of garden trousers
  • Buttons
  • Shoe laces
3D printed large figure body

The details mentioned would be very difficult to produce with conventional production techniques


An added benefit of the detailing and resins with which Fiberneering prints; The figures can be painted directly, so the surfaces are not sanded. The thermo-hardening resins provide excellent adhesion and surface for further finishing with almost all oil and water-based paints.


Most common paints can be directly used on the printed part

Good adhesion with all commercially available paints

Customer feedback

“We are very happy with the two figures that have been supplied by Fiberneering. The whole process was very fun and the possibilities huge. But the most important thing is the very positive feedback we get from our customers! We also notice that suddenly people are entering the store who didn’t know we were located here. Perfect!” – Jorien Leidekker (1 of the owners of Mens and Kinders).



Jorien and Suzanne together with the 3D printed figure in front of their shop

3D-print for Visual Marketing


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