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Creating new opportunities for our customers based on our unique 3D printing platform.

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Guaranteed high quality printing capacity with no upfront investment.

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Engineered Materials

Resins which are formulated for specific applications.

The FRP3D printing process allows large, detailed parts to be printed in an economical way. This opens up a number of applications where 3D printing was previously not used due to cost, size or other technical constraints.

Our roots are in the fibre reinforced composites industry, where we have developed several applications where prints make the composite production process better, faster and more efficient. However, also in other industries we now see very interesting applications. Some of these are described in detail below.

Any project we undertake is customer specific, our engineers excel in taking an idea to realisation. We don’t believe in just selling printers, we’d like to understand your application and ensure that the machines, materials and support we deliver ensures the best possible products on your side. The best part, we supply our print solutions already starting from 1 m3 printing volume per month.

The best projects typically start with a cup of coffee. So please drop us a note to get in touch about your idea!

PaaS, How Does It Work?

Printing as a Service, or PaaS in short, is our model where we sell cubic meters of printing capacity, rather than selling printers. This brings great advantages to our customers:
  • Pricing is very clear and predictable
  • No upfront investment
  • No worries about maintenance
  • Fully supported and up-to-date equipment

It is possible to have production organised by us in Zwolle or to have an on-site implementation.

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PaaS F.A.Q.

We’ve listed the most common questions we get to the right. Please contact us if you have other questions or ideas.

How do I know if PaaS is the right model for my organisation?

For any business case where 3D printing brings value, the PaaS model will bring the mentioned benefits. In general companies that plan to use 3D printing as part of their production flow will benefit most from dedicated capacity.

Why not just use the printing service?

Our printing service is great for companies requiring prints, also larger batches fit fine. For companies that are looking to use our FRP3D printing process as part of their production process other factors, like availability become important. Especially for these customers we have developed our PaaS model.

What does "from 1m3 per month mean"?

We sell print capacity, which we measure in m3. The print capacity is the platform size times the height traveled, it is the maximum bounding box of the prints performed in a month.

What are startup costs?

That depends on the project. Typically we start by printing initial products on our printers in Zwolle, resulting in low startup costs.

What about post-processing equipment?

We provide a full production line to produce the parts required, this includes equipment required for post-processing.

Solution #1: Printed Cores for Composites

Fibre reinforced composite products often have a core inside, often foams are used. Especially for RTM production, these foam cores need to be very heavy to withstand the process conditions.
We have developed a method to use printed cores inside the RTM process. The result:
  • Much lighter carbon fibre products
  • Integrated functionalities
  • Lower cost in tooling

With this solution it becomes very efficient to produce composite parts in series up to 10,000 per year.

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Other Examples of Exciting Solutions

Reshoring model production

For a company currently producing in China we developed a way to produce their models locally in europe using our FRP3D process. Cutting time by weeks, reducing waste and all at similar cost of the final product.

Repair tooling

A customer with high capital transport assets requires repair moulds that perfectly match the product. We developed a method to print ready to use tooling directly from a 3D scan. Expensive asset downtime is reduced by days.

Custom Fittings

Industrial process systems can consist of a lot of unique parts. These parts typically require identical material properties, hence 3D printing is the ideal process to make them. Using our process and materials we increase flexibility.

Experience, Creativity & Know-How: Our People Make the Difference

Fiberneering has a strong engineering foundation and this allows us to find efficient and creative solutions to production challenges. We have a broad set of engineering skills, aerospace, mechanical, chemical included.

No project to implement our FRP3D process is identical, however, some of the steps throughout the project generally are. The right experience ensures we can make any implementation a success.


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Facilities That Ensure Project Success

Materials Lab

State of the art chemical laboratory for resin development and materials testing.

Engineering Studio

Leading 3D software and skilled engineers to design and engineer the best products.        

Printing Factory

Rapid access to large printers ensures that prototypes products can be created quickly.

Prototyping Workshop

Fully equiped workshop to create products similar to what our customer is intending to.