Large, Detailed & Economical 3D Printing

Printers For Production


Printing the complete range from art pieces and props to mannequins and facades.


Detailed prototypes, architectural models and mock-ups perfect for selling new ideas.


Fast and efficient production of tooling for a range of production processes.


Very Large Build Volumes

Production volumes up to 1m3


High Detail Output

Standard resolution of 150 microns


Fast Production Speed

Up to 1m per 24 hours


Low Maintenance

Maximum uptime


Designed for Continuous Production

No replacement of films


Easy Access and Handling

Wide opening doors for full access

Produced With XXL-DLP Technology

Specs are nice, but in the end it’s the products that count. These examples are produced with XXL-DLP technology.

Marble Statues Replaced

Marble statues are deteriorating due to outside weather conditions. A famous Dutch museum had this problem and wanted to put their statues inside to protect them. Our customer Reszto was asked to come with a solution.



Original statues were 3D scanned and printed on XD2 printer with X10 resin. They were finished with an outdoor durable marble coating.



  • Perfect copies of existing statues
  • Fit of statue in XD2 printer
  • Durable copies outside, originals protected inside
  • Happy customer, happy visitors!

Amazing Figures

A new concept store for kids was looking to create some unique promotion for their shop.



The figures for this shop were printed in two parts using an XD2 printer and X10 resin. Afterwards the parts were coated and assembled.



  • Serious impact with large figures
  • Minimal post-processing
  • Unique shop exposure

XD2: Largest DLP Build Envelope in the World

Platform Width

Platform Depth

Maximum Print Heigth

We’ve Developed the Technology from Scratch

Our printers use liquid resins that are cured with UV light, also known as DLP printing. It’s the most efficient process for detailed products larger than 100mm. We developed both printing equipment and materials ensuring a perfect combination for any product!

Our Equipment Line-up

Projection Area 518 x 415 mm
Print Height 1 m
Bounding Box 0.22 m3
Resin Capacity 250 kg
Z-Resolution 50 – 300 micron (150 default)
Production speed up to 40 mm/hr



Projection Area 829 x 518 mm
Print Height 1 m
Bounding Box 0.43 m3
Resin Capacity 500 kg
Z-Resolution 50 – 300 micron (150 default)
Production speed up to 40 mm/hr



Projection Area 1036 x 829 mm
Print Height 1 m
Bounding Box 0.9 m3
Resin Capacity 1100 kg
Z-Resolution 50 – 300 micron (150 default)
Production speed up to 40 mm/hr


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Let’s Build Something Together

We’d like to work with you on your next project. We typically start with developing a business case together with our customers. Based on the outcome of this we suggest the most appropriate way of starting with XXL-DLP printing!