Larger, Detailed & Economical 3D Printing

From prototypes to end products, Fiberneering has developed a unique large 3D printing process and materials that can deliver these.

Printed Products

3D printing service

With our large size FRP3D printers we produce on demand parts for our customers. Our experienced engineers ensure the prints we deliver meet the expected use of your product.

Print Solutions

Supply of equipment, materials & know-how

Incorporating 3D printing as part of a production line is not just purchasing a printer. We assist companies from an idea phase, through product engineering and finally implementation of our 3D production solutions.

Are You Looking to Get a Part Printed?

Economical Large Parts With High Detail

We provide a printing service using the printers and materials we have developed. This process (similar to SLA and DLP) uses liquid resins that are cured with UV light. It’s the most efficient process for products larger than 100mm and that need intricate details. Examples are landscape models, show parts, prototypes and moulds for various applications.

Print dimensions are 1 x 0.5 x 0.5m and individual prints can easily be combined to larger parts. For non-standard products we have a team of engineers that can help in finding the best way to design and produce.

Years Established

cubic meters printed

Unique Solutions with Liquid Resin 3D Printing

Large Printing Equipment

Based on the 3D model geometry, the printer selectively cures the required areas of the part using UV light. Our proprietary process is a smart combination of SLA and DLP techniques.

High Performance Materials

Light sensitive resins solidify in the process to achieve the required material properties. Having full control over the resin chemistry creates a large number of possible product applications.

Unique Printing Know-how

Getting the best products requires extensive know-how about the process and the materials and also about the end-use of the part. Our engineers are specialised in this unique mix.

We’ve Developed the Technology from Scratch

When we started Fiberneering, there we’re no 3D printers that provided the speed, dimensions and material properties at the cost level that we required it to be. We decided to make our own.

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Let’s Build Something Together

We’d like to work with you on your next project. If you have a nice product or prototype for which you need a single print or if you plan to integrate 3D printing into your workflow, in both cases we’d like to hear from you!

Some of the questions we get
You can always contact us with the questions you have. Some of the regular questions we get are listed below:
Why are the costs for your printed parts lower than others?
Compared to other 3D printing service providers we can offer lower prices because we use proprietary printers and materials. This provides us with a significant cost benefit, which we share with our customers.
We know SLA, it's a very slow process, too slow for us?
SLA for large parts is slow, because the laser used for curing the polymer needs to travel the whole part. We use a different lighting method and therefore we can project layers in one go. We achieve printing speeds of 40mm per hour, regardless of the amount of products on a platform.
How do you connect multiple parts?
Parts can easily be bonded together. In cases where non-permanent connections are required, we can integrate inserts with threads, so the parts can be bolted.
Why the name Fiberneering, there are no fibers in the prints?
Correct, our prints do not contain fibres. We started our company around the process of applying fibres in a second step to the parts we printed. We still produce a significant number of composite products based on this technique and it is a very efficient way to produce composite parts in small to medium sized volumes.

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