Large, Detailed & Economical 3D Printing

Production of:


Printing the complete range from art pieces and props to mannequins and facades.


Detailed prototypes, architectural models and mock-ups perfect for selling new ideas.


Fast and efficient production of tooling for a range of production processes.

Visual marketing

Eye-catchers and blowups for shops and parks. Unique figures for marketing campaigns with real impact.


Figures for themeparks, props for shows and unique statues for decors.

Final product


Scale models of buildings and landscapes. Unique art pieces.

Exobudy compleet

Product development

Visual prototypes and functional models.

Final product


Technical parts with specific demands for strength and stiffness.

Unique possibilities with liquid resin 3D printing


3D prints in one piece up to 1 x 0.5 x 0.5m. Multiple prints can be assembled to even larger dimensions. This enable creation of life size figures with real impact!

Sharp details

Details are important for realism and expression in a model. Many 3D shapes are difficult to produce in moulds. For these application printing with our 150 micron resolution is perfect.

Ready for finishing

Our prints can be coated with most commercially available paints. The high quality resin systems result in longevity both indoors as well as outdoors.

We’ve Developed the Technology from Scratch

Our printers use liquid resins that are cured with UV light, also known as stereolithography (SLA) or DLP printing. It’s the most efficient process for detailed products larger than 100mm. We developed both printing equipment and materials ensuring a perfect combination for any product!

Since Fiberneering produces polyurethane casting molds for us, as an alternative for milled aluminium molds, not only are we saving on tooling costs, due to the drastic weight reduction of resin casting moulds we no longer need hoisting equipment and resources for internal transport reducing casting cycles by half.

Bart Rouwers


When we face challenges regarding complex geometry which is simply too time intensive or physically not possible to produce on our 5-axis milling machine we’re always glad we can rely on Fiberneering’s large resin printers. For intricate objects up to 1 or 2 meters they provide a perfect addition to our scope.

Erwin van Maaren


For one-off product development of our newest superyacht gangway the large size printing capabilities Fiberneering offers really proved to be a perfect solution. It helps also that the mechanical- and marine engineers at Fiberneering are always eager to think along about more eficient ways to manufacture.

Frank Bijvoet


Let’s Build Something Together

We’d like to work with you on your next project. If you have a nice product or prototype for which you need a single print or if you plan to integrate 3D printing into your workflow, in both cases we’d like to hear from you!