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Serious dimensions for useful products


Sufficient accuracy to include cool features


To outperform existing solutions

3D Printing by Fiberneering for

High Tech Applications

There is a continuous need to produce smarter, lighter and more efficient products.

With our unique possibilities in 3D printing, combined with solid engineering skills, new concepts become reality!


Our 3D printing process is our core. We use this to print complete parts, inserts, cores or tooling for a variety of polymer processing technologies.

It all starts with your vision. We utilize a series of digital tools and crafts to create the ultimate product to fulfil your requirements. Read more about our process and the options we provide.


Product Development Agencies

Engineering Manager, Product Engineer


Polymer Component Producers

Event manager, Marketing coordinator



Concept Designer, Project Engineer


Yacht Builders

Engineer, Project Manager


Maintenance Providers

Field Engineer, Project Manager


Innovation Department

Innovation Manager, Business Development

Projects we are proud of:

3D-Printed handlebars for 2021 Olympic Games track bike

3D-Printed handlebars for 2021 Olympic Games track bike

One of Fiberneering most challenging projects was the development of the handlebars for the Dutch Olympics team new track bike. Our partners, Actiflow and Pontis chose us to translate their design into a functional carbon fiber prototype, ready for testing on the race...

3D-Printed Superyacht Equipment

3D-Printed Superyacht Equipment

Worlds most exclusive and largest superyachts are build in The Netherlands, a country which plays a leading role in building steel and aluminum yachts. Large hull doors, hatches, boarding platforms and passerelles are traditionally built in steel/alu as well which is...

Hydrofoils for Solarboat Twente

Hydrofoils for Solarboat Twente

The student team of Solar Boat TU Twente approached Fiberneering to help with a cost-effective method to produce light weight and very stiff carbon foils for their latest Solar Boat. During the race in Monaco these foils (hydrofoils) will experience extremely high...