About Our Company

We love the possibilities 3D printing brings!

About Fiberneering

We are Fiberneering, a team of 3D printing enthusiasts. The company was founded in 2015 by Jasper Bouwmeester around a novel way to use 3D printing for production of fibre reinforced composites. We still produce composite parts, but we have found that the printer we created for the process has much more usages: it is one of the largest commercially available resin printers and prints in a very fast and economical way.

This enables completely new approaches to our customers’ existing production processes. We like any challenge, big or small. If you have an idea where 3d printing could optimise your production, than we’d love to get in contact: we always have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in our office!

We Started From Scratch


Patented Application of Printed Composites

After initial tests we decided to patent our process to produce composites from large resin based prints. The type of resin printed and way of printing it ensures high strength composites can be created effectively.


Machine Development

There didn’t exist a printer that allowed us to print the dimensions that we required, so, being engineers, we decided to build one ourselves. Starting with a first prototype, then a second, we now have multiple machines producing 24 hours per day!

Light Curing Resins

For application in composites, the resin required high thermal properties, something most printing resins don’t possess. Also the cost was important. This led to development of the Standard Blue X10 resin.

Years Established

cubic meters printed