Finishing of 3D prints

Proper finishing steps make the printed part complete! We provide several options for finishing, but you can also decide to do the finishing yourself.

Our resins are very suitable for sanding and coating with a wide variety of materials. This makes spectacular results possible.

Printed plug for concrete mould


It is possible to order a product as-printed. We ensure the product is fully cured and cleaned and you have full control over the further steps in finishing.

Sanding and polishing

A very fine printing structure is present on the surface after printing. It’s very well possible to sand the surface and products can be made smooth quite easily. By sanding with increasingly finer grit a very smooth surface finish is possible.

Final product


Prints can be spray painted in any RAL colour. We typically apply 2K coating systems.

Final product

Metal coating

We can apply metal coatings to achieve metal looks like bronze, steel and copper look.

Final product

Special finishes

There are numerous other options to finish the product. An example is luminor coating, which lights up when electrified. You can always contact us to discuss ideas.

Together we look at the desired result

To be able to achieve the expected results its important to understand the use case of the final part. On that basis we can advise what finishing works best.

Some finishing we can perform in our facilities in Zwolle and for more specialist coatings we use a number of trusted suppliers.