Creating with the Power of UV Light


Serious dimensions for useful products


Sufficient accuracy to include cool features


To outperform existing solutions

How Does it Work?

We use liquid resins that cure when exposed to light. A 3D model is sliced in layers of 150 microns thick, for each of these layers we determine which areas need to solidify and which stay liquid.

The machine has a platform on which the product “grows” up to 1m high in 24 hours.

Automated cleaning is done in our cleaning station, using non hazardous cleaning agents. Finally a post-curing step ensures the part achieves its full mechanical properties.

Steps in the FRP3D Printing Process

Job Preparation

Starting with a 3D model, a printable mesh is created. The part is modified for printing and oriented on the platform.


The print is loaded and runs automatically. When the print is completed the platform rises and the parts receive a first inspection.

Cleaning & Supports

Most parts are printed on supports, this needs to be removed. Then the product is thoroughly cleaned, so no printing resin remains.

Post Curing

To ensure the final strength of the product is achieved, it receives a post curing step in our dedicated large curing ovens.

Facilities That Ensure Project Success

Materials Lab

State of the art chemical laboratory for resin development and materials testing.

Engineering Studio

Leading 3D software and skilled engineers to design and engineer the best products.        

Printing Factory

Rapid access to large printers ensures that prototypes products can be created quickly.

Prototyping Workshop

Fully equiped workshop to create products similar to what our customer is intending to.