Preparing a printable model

Scanning and/or Modelling

For a 3D print it’s always required to have a 3D printable computer file. There are several ways to create such a file; e.g. drawing it from scratch or by scanning an existing product.

The quality of the 3D model is very important for the end result of the 3D print. We can advise in proper ways to get to a 3D model, or provide this as an additional service to you.

Printed plug for concrete mould

Modelling - CAD Model

For our CAD models we use Solidworks. For these models we use actual dimensions and use these to build up a product.

We can also load existing CAD models and make these fit for our printing process.

Modelling - Sculpting

Sculpting is another modelling technique where overall shape is most important and actual dimensions are less.

Digital sculpting is very similar to traditional clay sculpting, material is added and pushed around.

3D scan - Photogrammetry

3D Scan - Photogrammetry

Speed is a huge advantage of this technique; in a single second hundreds of photos are made and stitched together to form a 3D model. Details of these models are generally good enough for models up to 50cm and models that can to be relatively smooth.

Final product

3D Scan - High detail

When details are important, there are various scanning techniques that can be used. These scans are typically taking hours and therefore they are less used for people and animals. For art pieces these scanning techniques are very useful.

Together we look at the expected result

To be able to achieve the expected results its important to understand the use case of the final part. On that basis we can advise what finishing works best.

Some finishing we can perform in our facilities in Zwolle and for more specialist coatings we use a number of trusted suppliers.