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3D printing can be very effectively used as tooling in various production processes. A great example is 3D printed moulds for vacuum forming.

With our own technology we can produce 3D prints that are very large and have a very high level of detail. The material properties make it possible to use our tooling in a variety of production processes.

Using 3D printed tooling for small series makes it possible to reduce costs as much as 50%.

Printed polyurethane mould

Mould design

With our 3D printing process its not only possible to make simple casting moulds but also more complex multi part tooling is possible.

In general all considerations for mould design that apply to metal moulds als apply to our moulds. Our printed moulds can be used for processing temperatures up to 80°C.

Printed plug for concrete mould

3D Print production

The mould is printed according to the design. For moulds typically a higher wall thickness is used to ensure maximum robustness.

Standard we specify a tolerance of +/-0.5mm although this can be higher depending on geometry.

Fully filled casting mould

Producing in the 3D printed moulds

When the mould is finished it can be used for production. Obviously, the printed tool will behave differently than a steel tool. Typically cycle times are adjusted to leave enough time for cooling. If this is done properly, a significant amount of releases is possible from a printed tool surface.

Mould completely prepared for composite production

Final product

The resulting product is identical to one made in traditional moulds. Only the processing speed is generally lower.

This makes 3D printed tooling ideal for small series production in several polymer part production processes.


Our 3D printing process is our core. We use this process to create impressive figures and models.

It starts with your idea. We use a number of modern 3D tools to create a unique experience for your audience. Read more about our printing process and its possibilities.

Example projects where we supplied 3D printed tooling

Our 3D printed plugs and moulds for composite production

Our 3D printed plugs and moulds for composite production

Composite products bring many advantages, they are lightweight and very durable. However, the current state-of-art for composite production still requires relatively large investments in tooling. Especially for low volume production, the tooling cost can be the single...

Casting molds for Polyurethane

Casting molds for Polyurethane

Kobato is specialized in applying polyurethane coatings and producing custom PU fittings for wear resistant applications . PU is applied in many industrial processes because of it's tough and abrasion resistant properties. Coated steel piping of containers are made...