What is the price of a 3D print?

Our pricing

We supply custom products, therefore its impossible to have a single price that fits all application. On this page we try to give an insight in the factors that make up the final price.

On this page prices are mentioned that help you in getting a feeling for the total costs. Please take notice that these are purely budget figures. We are more than happy to provide you with a formal quote for your product!


Printed plug for concrete mould



If you supply us with a 2D sketch, we can prepare a 3D printable model for you. We typically use either Solidworks (CAD) or Blender (Sculpting) for this. In some cases we make use of external 3D artists.

3D modelling activities are calculated at a rate of €85/hr . A simple model typically takes a few hours, but a complex model can take up a significant amount of time.



Simple model: €250

3D Scan

3D Scanning


For scanning we use dedicated partners.



Photogrammetry scan: €125

Detailed scan: from €400



Larger quantities of the same product makes it more efficient to produce and hence the price per product becomes lower.

Final product

Delivery time


For efficient production a proper planning is key. To be able to produce everything in parallel, we utilise a standard delivery time (until shipment) of 10 working days. Extra services will cost extra time.

In some cases it’s possible to expedite delivery. As this will have a significant impact on our planning we will charge extra for this.


Printed plug for concrete mould

Model Changes


To be able to print a file, it has to fulfill certain requirements. Sometimes we receive a file that needs repairing before we can print it.



Minimal repairs: included

Small repairs and modifications: €50

Large modifications: from €150

Final product



Dimensions of the printed part are a major factor in its price. Larger prints take more time and material to produce.




Resin quantity


Material is a significant contributor to cost. Heavier products cost more.

Bonding of the foot



If a product doesn’t fit the printer in one piece (i.e. the product exceeds our bounding box of 0.5 x 0.4 x 1m) we will have to seperate the part and print it in multiple pieces that we bond back together after printing.

It’s possible to get a very neat bond between two parts that’s invisible after coating. However, it is a fair bit of extra work.



For each partition: €250


Printed plug for concrete mould



Costs of sanding are depending of dimensions, complexity of the model and the final surface roughness that needs to be obtained.


Printed plug for concrete mould



Price of coating is depending on the size and complexity of the model and the type of coating used.


Packing and shipping


When we arrange transport we’ll ensure there is enough padding in the package used. For larger parts we suggest shipping on pallets.

You are always welcome to pic-up your parts.


Medium box / postNL: €20

Large box / pallet: €75

Final product

Installation and Support


We can arrange installation of parts, but pricing is completely dependent on the specifics of the project.



3D Print small

150 mm

Price of this print is approximately €125

3D print - medium small

300 mm

Price of this print is approximately €400

3D print- medium large

700 mm

Price of this print is approximately €900

3D print - large

2000 mm (= 2m)

Price of this print is approximately €2800


Please note: the prices mentioned are based on the print in the picture. Scanning, modelling and finishing steps are not included. All prices are purely indicative, EX Works and exclusive of VAT.

Together we look at the desired result

To be able to achieve the expected results its important to understand the use case of the final part. On that basis we can advise what finishing works best.

Some finishing we can perform in our facilities in Zwolle and for more specialist coatings we use a number of trusted suppliers.